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    It seems the thing to do now on Wallstreetbets is to make a donation and sponsor a Gorilla at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation in the name of GME. The Wallstreetbets reddit page is now filled with pictures of Gorillas that they have sponsored, apparently raising a huge amount of money for the foundation.

    Just an unexpected positive thing that has come out of this. Thought this was interesting.
  2. It has expanded beyond gorillas, apparently they are going across the wildlife now. I am delighted and disturbed at the same time - both I and WSB retards are doing the same trades :)
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  3. Can't disagree more. What we should do instead is hunt and shoot down poachers and other criminals of wildlife at the origin. Protecting gorillas in captivity is the same nonsense as holding orcas. Punish those who commit crimes MUCH MORE SEVERELY then crimes go down. Same on Wallstreet. STOP letting criminals get away free in exchange for payments which are oftentimes a joke. Convict people and jail them. Hedge fund crooks fear nothing more than a nice ass rape in the prison shower.

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  4. In short, you don't want to get involved, even at the puny level of ~1k/year that even WSB retards can apparently afford. Instead you stand back and scream that some harsh government intervention will solve these problems.
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  5. I would not even spend 1 cent on such bs. I am super active supporting human beings in need of decent opportunities in life AROUND ME and am fiercely invested in preserving nature, the environment, including wildlife where my actions actually have a real and physical and measurable impact. I strongly advocate to punish abuse and criminal activity much more harshly. You don't know me nor the work and volunteering and philanthropy I do. I spend more time on actually helping others in a month than 99% spend in 5 years. Not by throwing money at needy causes but by actually teaching those in need how to fish (figuratively speaking)

    I do NOT support this money machine that looks to raise money to just put PATCHES on wounds rather than surgically removing the cancer.

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  6. Such high conviction for so murky a thesis...

    What stops you from advocating for raising fines/punishments for poachers and supporting charities that protect wildlife?
  7. What stops me? That the entire thesis has been proven to have no measurable effects on protecting wildlife. Gorillas need vast territories to roam in and the entire bullshit to artificially protect gorillas, pandas and orcas and the likes had been proven to be fruitless. It just lines the coffers of all those middlemen, people getting paid who otherwise have no marketable skillets to sit in some offices and to run a few fundraisers.

    I rather focus my efforts and finances on causes that have a positive effect in and around me. My declared purpose of life is NOT to save gorillas from extinction, but to participate to make life and the world around me a better place each time I leave compared to the one existed when I entered. If you have a heart to save a few snow tigers 15,000km away then all the power to you. I don't think we as humans can be effective at implementing policies remotely, especially not in the presence of corrupt governments.

    By the way what thesis? I believe in action and doing things where we can be effective doing them. The entire business of fundraising without being actually involved is not effective imho . Why do you think Bill and Melinda Gates get actually involved rather than just moving a few billions to Africa or Latin America? Sure, they raise funds from others as well but at least they know it's reaching the intended recipients and they know because they are themselves involved. Huge difference.

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  8. going on WSB this morning was so heartwarming, seeing all these newly adopted animals. i saw the director of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation was overwhelmed with $70K. curious of the reaction when she sees her funds exceed a million in a few days.
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  9. "has been proven"? Could you quote a paper from a reputable scientific journal?
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    I remember when Dogecoin was sponsoring a Nascar racecar...
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