GME Trading Issues

Discussion in 'Options' started by FSU, Jan 25, 2021.

  1. FSU


    Heard there were many issues trading GME options today with different brokers. They added new strikes intra day to 150's, but some broker's never showed them (IB).

    Also TD blocked all spread trading. If you tried to trade a spread it was rejected.

    Any one else have issues?
  2. horizon


    Yes many people said they can not trade GME options.
  3. zdreg


    It is SOP (standard operating procedures), That's life. You already answered your own question., assuming the info. you received is accurate.

    Breakdowns are common when systems become overwhelmed. No broker is immune and neither are exchanges.
  4. I couldn't do a spread on TD - but then I entered the legs individually on IB and that went through just fine.
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  5. No problems buying the $100 puts when people bid that sucker to $150. They were pricy as hell!
  6. zghorner


    had an issue early on with no prices being displayed right at market open but after a computer restart no problem for me trading directional options on TWS, $110 calls mainly.
  7. zdreg


    Which series and how much? Adjusted for surge in volatility they may not been "pricey like hell."
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  8. caroy


    I had no problems on TW. Worked fine.
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  9. guru


    I do have this problem in TWS and don’t see any strikes above 115.
    But last Friday someone else on Reddit had similar problems with different strikes and needed to restart TWS to update them.
  10. Couldnt buy any option through tradestation yesterday,
    In my IB account i bought with not any problem , does different brokers have different rules?
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