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  1. anyhow, short from 102 area now
    looking to bail out in 110 area or add more around 95
  2. Looks good for at least a short to at or near the channel line, 93 to 95.

    Weekly RSI overbought and showing negative divergence.

    Just need to see if there's a goos entry Monday, gap up and look for weakness would be best IMO.
  3. nice clean chart
    thanks for the post
  4. Plan worked out great first!

    Bought some puts after the gap up when it was printing around 106 and was up nicely, considered taking 2/3 profit but held out for a test of 100...then straight up all afternoon, son of a bitch! lol

    Hate when that happens but it is so overbought IMO the worst case will be a scratch trade to a small profit.

    Would have been great to have sold the puts around 102 to 103 and reload at EOD!

    Made a hanging man candle closing near the upper channel line, hopefully it does "what it is supposed to do", we'll see.
  5. the most squeezed stock in the US
  6. probably will cover today, will give it till noon
  7. how big was your position on this?
  8. out of it, not worth the aggrevation
    position was 1,5% of portfolio and took a +-10% loss on it
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