GMCR opinions? cut losses or stay long?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by honghong, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. honghong


    Well I got into this stock when it was 34... it's currently @ 29.xx

    Should I take the losses or do you think there'll be an upside to this? Please discuss, thanks
  2. Cesko


    It's not gonna be touchy sensitive response but you shouldn't trade if you don't know.
  3. honghong


    yea, i knew i'd get a response like this. This is one of my strange buys which i usually do a few every quarter. Long run it is, thanks
  4. Nice positive divergence from 8/14 to 8/17 as price was descending, the MACD was increasing, culminating in a good buy signal. But it has been pretty much down trending since 8/20. May see support here around 27.5. Next support around 25. Strategy sell around 9/07/07 10:00 at 32.23. Profit factor is 3.34 on this strategy. Knows nothing about the fundamentals and you really don't need to know since price usually reflects the fundamentals (or the street's perception of it), but it is trading below the 8/16 lows, not a good sign. You should trade with a stop or a strategy; not every stock will pop back up right away like AAPL.[​IMG]
  5. What up Hong!

    Normally i'd look at that chart and say $29-$30 was support and you should hold. But I'm thinking you cut and run. The 10 day and 21 day MA have turned down

    Type Price % Slope
    10 Day 33.70 91.7 DOWN
    21 Day 34.05 90.7 DOWN
    50 Day 31.73 97.4 UP
    200 Day 23.13 133.5 UP

    As you know the stk is down but on light volume

    Ave Daily Volume(00) 4715
    MO Chg.(%) -18.9

    U/D Direction DOWN

    MF Direction DOWN

    MACD Bearish...

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