GMCR first coffee pods come undone, next Ipods

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, May 2, 2012.

  1. u heard it here first.
  2. Behold the great man spoke


    12-14-11 12:37 PM

    been negative on this for a long time.

    in a depression, folks might not like paying $30 lb for $4 lb coffee.

    ya think?
  3. How long? Five years ago it was $5, now it's $50.
  4. hey brains, show me the trade on the blotter. i promise not to say its fake or anything, i promise.

    all you guys here are so fos, not just you bro. what i do not get is wtf is there to gain when you're a phony?
  5. the post is time stamped, whats fake about it?

    you should be grateful someone so much smarter than you is willing to help.
  6. "These hedge funds are looking for new coffee analysts"-zerohedge

    Fidelity lost around half a bill

    haha :D

  7. Omg you are a piece of work . what part of blotter don't you understand ?what I'm trying to tell you is that you never actually never made the trades.but you already know that while playing your stupid word games.
    and if you look at my postings you'll know I do not need any of your help .you are a complete and total fraud

  8. Yes ..... time stamped 24 minutes after earnings and 40% drop in GMCR.
  9. Guy posts 30 minutes after the price drops then has the audacity to demean others on this board for pointing out his fake calls. A severe beating is the only cure to this type of mental instabilty
  10. You are a demented soul and should seek counseling... seriously.
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