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  1. Not that it has anything to do with trading, but I am thinking of taking the GMAT to see how I score. Can anyone reccomend a way to study for it? Is there a good online course? How long does it take to prepare sufficiently?
  2. Taking tests for fun ? You need to get out of the house..... :D J/k

    I'm sure different people have different ways of studying, but I found the princeton review book to be sufficient prep material.

    It comes with software with a couple practice tests. Once you think you've got it down, you can go to the educational testing service website( and download a free program with 2 actual historic tests. ETS is the only place to get actual questions from past tests.

    I know some people who spent months preparing for the GMAT. I unfortunately, was on a tight timeline and only had 2 weeks. I did well enough for what I needed to get, but didnt get a stellar score.

    I'd say 6 weeks is probably enough time to study if you stick to it and do some prep every day.

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  3. I used Princeton Review and Kaplan.


    PR -> math is too easy, verbal just right

    Kaplan -> verbal is unrealistic, math is representative of exam questions

    I prepped 1/2 an hour for 1 month, I scored 680.

    Note: to get into the top schools 700 is the bar unless you have ridiculous work experience.

    Good luck to you
  4. Hello:

    I think it is very important to have something to fall back on in case you can't trade. Your subconscious may be signaling you that you should consider a different line of work. I was trained as a mechanical engineer and if for some reason I had to, I could go back into that profession without too much trouble.

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  5. I also think the Princeton Review books were good.
  6. My subconsciuos? It's more like my conscious mind telling me to get out of trading. I've been fighting it for a couple of years. The equity swings aren't as easy to take anymore. A wife and kids can do that to you. I was asking about the GMAT because I really don't know which direction to go and a MBA may be an option. I'm 31 and have been in the trading business for the past 7 years, so if I don't get out now and get some experience in a new business I am afraid I'll find myself unemployable later in life because I have no experience other than trading. By taking the GMAT I can at least know what my options are.
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    sounds like you've got the perfect reason to go to b-school: career change. put your heart into that test -- it makes all the difference.
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    Will you enjoy the line of business that this will lead into? Is your personality suited for this type of job? Lots of question to ask your self. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

    I thought about taking my GMAT after graduating and in retrospect I wish I had taken it. I went the technical route and it was a big dissapointment.

    Personally I could never go back to the office (fingers crossed).

    Good luck