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  1. If you have a blogger account, you can get the new gmail mail account now. I just got mine.
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    just signed up for a blogger account.. do you know what i am supposed to do now? Thanks
  3. What's a blogger account? I went to and it says it's still in testing
  4. If you alraedy had a blogger acount then they rolled out gmail to them today. So you might have to keep looking at that blogger sign in page a link will appear asking for whether you want to sign up for gmail
    Not all blogger users have been invited. And people who are joining blogger now after the announcement are not getting accounts.
    It is a service for creating your own blogs which are like web diaries.
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    for those who aren't aware, google will be reading each and every piece of email on their service. they aren't running this service for the love of humanity...
  7. For 1GB of storage they can inspect my underpants if they want
  8. How do they afford so much storage???
  9. I believe eventually they will charge.
  10. disk space is cheap
    majority of people wont use 1gb
    text/html compress down easily so while the uncompressed space would be 1gb the compressed space is a whole lot less
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