GMAC To Resume Lending To Deadbeats with 620 Credit Scores.

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Aaron Copland, Dec 30, 2008.

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    how can it be painful with a name like quantitative easing?
  2. COOL! Now traders can get cars again.
  3. The government is run by morons thats for sure. If anything it will just gurantee even more defaults in the futures. I guess this is what the fed wants. Bernanake is a moron
  4. LOL, the real moron is you and everyone else who figure out what is going on, but instead just call those who run your life, morons.

    Or maybe you're just that afraid to face reality.
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    car leasing is a huge portion of the car business.

    only fools would pay cash for a depreciating asset like a car.

  6. Might look that way, but not really true... WORSE!

    Smart guys/gals with the mind-set, "get all I can, and FUCK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE... Couldn't give a crap less about them so long as I get what I want"...

    THAT'S how American politicos roll.... :mad:
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    problem with the entire banking sector is that they lent money to sub prime assets that didnt' have any assets.

    with car loans the car is the collateral.

    all those sub prime loans were so leveraged there was no assets to back up loans in case of loan default.

  8. Who is running my life? I dont understand your point
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    also banks were lending money to hedge funds to speculate in the financial markets.

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