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  1. BSAM


    Anyone got any news on GM? Big pop around 1330 for some reason.
  2. sales only down 10% for the month
  3. BSAM


    :confused: This would be good news?
  4. Any news that's better then expected is good news.

    If a company was supposed to lose $1 / share and they report a $0.50 loss, that's a GREAT loss.
  5. S2007S


    haha, down 10%, thats real good...:p
  6. the bad news was, sales were down for april.

    the good news was april had 2 less sales days and if you assume that on the 2 less sales days gm sold a record amount of vehicles and didnt give any of the incentives offered and the ficticious customers payed 50% more than sticker price (in non US denominated dollars) - GM's sales were only down 2%. hence the rally...

    don't you guys know anything??/??
  7. Any news less than BK is good news. :D
  8. Yes, the long rumored merger with Ford is finally coming off. ESL has its fingerprints all over this, it's their MO to a T!

    You heard it here first,

    Dr. Lizardo