Discussion in 'Stocks' started by krazykarl, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Die.

    Someone was buying blocks midday - could have been Kirk going over the 10% mark.

    I'm emotional about this one - GM will not get my blessing until executive management is swept, either all at once or one-by-one.

    Looks like the bears(and shorts) are getting ready to feast.
  2. Never too good to be emotional about a stock, CrazyKarl. GM might fail, or may not, regardless what you think or hope happens.

  3. I have no position in it anymore - i was short earlier in the week.

    my emotions are all i have left...... :(

    heh, seriously though, major re-org needed at GM. EDS will announce the new MSA with GM tomorrow.....

    heh.... heh.....heh....
  4. Glad to hear that, that you are not trading your emotions. Never worked for me.
  5. i used to - for about 2 weeks. worst beating of my life.

    now stops go in when i buy, and i stick to them.
  6. WD40


    An 85 year old man goes to the doctor for an exam.

    Doctor: 'Paul, I ran your blood work, you have AIDS'.

    Paul: 'AIDS?! I'm 85 years old.'

    Doctor: 'I ran the test twice, you have AIDS'.

    Paul goes home and calls his best friend Fred on the phone.

    Paul: 'I can't believe I got HIV at 85.'

    Fred: 'You think you have problems? I got GM at 90.'