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    Looks like a reversing up today. Higer lo in the daily chart. Anyone swing trade with GM options? The premium is higher than most stock options since market feels GM will move a lot. It show in the imp volatility. I have Feb calls.
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    GM is still running up today:) My call options are very nice, just have to polish my profit taking strategy!
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    Took profit of my GM calls before the earning tomorrow. Have no GM position now.
  4. GM conversion?

    Is it true that the ability to borrow GM shares to short equates to free money on the conversion play? (Long synthetic GM/ short GM stock.)

    Does GM go ex-div before Feb expiration, or am I correct in this assumption?
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    This is under option forum. It is about options.
  6. Do you know what a conversion/reversal is? lol


  7. i saw the moves on the intraday charts 2 days ago and got killed on my short position.

    damn kerkorian....