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    GM ride-hailing fleet would ditch steering wheel in 2019
    General Motors plans to launch public ride-hailing services with self-driving vehicles that don’t have manual controls such as steering wheels and pedals, starting in 2019. In a petition submitted to NHTSAon Thursday, GM detailed the safety features of the "Cruise AV" vehicle and asked federal officials to allow the vehicles to operate on U.S. roadways without meeting 16 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that cover vehicles with human drivers but aren’t necessarily applicable for autonomous vehicles.(Automotive News)
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    Self-driving cars ain't gonna' be allowed on USA roads for at least 30 years. Remember the one huge variable in this equation...

    Stupid people. Not to mention the stupid people over at the NHTSA, the FHA, the NTSB, the whatever administration over there, take your pick, there are a dozen of them, who can't figure out that spending $4,000 on a light bulb is excessive.

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    I used to think the same thing.... but ya know whats gonna happen?
    There's going to be a whole batch of new laws. These things will be hugely protected. And if someone f's with one of them via road rage or whatever... they are going to be equipped to rat you out. And the fines will be very steep. They are going to force these things on us whether we like it or not. Shuttles, Ubers, delivery vehicles.... and heaven forbid you drive stupid around one.

    And since you like Dominoes so much Mr Overnight... :

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    I was reading your text gleefully until the above line. You offend me. I love and hate you now. The FACK you think I like Dominoes. You are ruining me and my head about pizza. Please stop hurting my pizza brain. Don't make me come over there!
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