GM Wagoner: rats are getting out of the ship?

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  1. While they can?
  2. Maybe he will still receive his bonus if he goes now, compared to when GM files for bankruptcy?
  3. Obama looks at business as an evil corrupt greedy entity that steals from poor people. He has the mentality of a union organizer that is going to kick businesses ass to get what he wants. In his view business has to pay for its greedy crimes against the people.

    GM is Obama’s I whupped’um and they ain’t getting back up case. Obama is using GM as an example to other large businesses that stand in his way. Wagner was just a pawn in game that Obama is trying to win. He intends to tax these “rich giants” to feed his socialism. By doing this he sees himself as a “Lincoln of the people” who is going to tax the hell out of the “rich boys” to give back to the “average Joe.”

    Next are the multinational corporations who have become prosperous by using affective marketing to the rest of the world. Obama plans to tax these companies to death and set them up as examples of bastards who don’t create jobs in the U.S. and are evil greedy companies who leave their money in foreign countries so it can’t be taxed here.

    “Dam Healthcare” will soon be shouted from Obama’s lips are he tackles the next business giant. The slogan “time to socialize” slogan will be shouted from the roof tops as he maligns healthcare and tells them they will be swallowed up in the government. He plans to increase the federal governments spending to the breaking point to pass out “free” healthcare.

    Any American business that stands in Obama’s way will get crushed. He will go far beyond the constitution to win his “civil business war”. Soon we will become sick of the media circus that daily bashes another segment of business as stupid. He plans to “edumacate” us on how evil American business has become.

    Obama’s stupidity will be his undoing. While he shouts “Create jobs….Create jobs…” he is intimidating the very people he should be placating. These are the people who can create jobs and bring about a speedy recovery. By injecting massive amounts of fear in Americas business leaders he will prolong this recession through out most of his first term in office.

    The following list was found on Obama’s desk:
    What American businesses must be told:
    • BOHICA – Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
    How to treat American business:
    • FIDO – Fuck It-Drive On
    • FIFI – Fuck It-Fly It
    Terms to describe American business:
    • FUBAB - Fucked Up Beyond All Belief
    • FUBB - Fucked Up Beyond Belief
    • FUMTU - Fucked Up More Than Usual
    • SNAFUBAR - Situation Normal: All Fucked Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition
    • FUUSAB - Fucked Up Until Space And Beyond
    • SUSFU - Situation Unchanged, Still Fucked Up
    • TARFU - Things Are Really Fucked Up, or Totally and Royally Fucked Up
    • TAUFU - Totally And Utterly Fucked Up
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    That kind of talk belongs in some sort of mental institution. You're just spewing out hate, without being able to back up a single phrase. It's what Bush what call "unhelpful"...
  5. I live in the Detroit burbs. I see the for sales signs going up every day from this jokers policies. It the worst crisis in 100 years and Obama is telling GM to shed more jobs and down size with unemployment running 15% in some communities. You tell my neighbors who are being thrown out of work to be patient. He should be stabilizing this country and calming people. Instead his policies are creating chaos. I don’t ever recall hear people talk so negatively here. Even during the wars of the last century.

    Ask Obama about power. Who the hell gave him the power to tell businesses how to function and execute. Show me where in the constitution where he was given the power to execute these kind of business mandates he is forcing on business today. We are one step from a dictatorship when government believes it can run business better than business people. This sets a dangerous precedent.

    Congress and the Obama have been screaming anti-business rhetoric for days. Congress with its 90% tax on bonuses from AIG . Unbelievable. It sounded like the moans from a mental institution.

    Where the heck have you been. You are not listening to the same noises the rest of as are...
  6. NObama is a pathological narcissist*, according to Dr. Samuel Vaknin....

    NObama believes he can do any farkin' thing he wants.... until somebody stops him.

    *Other famous ones... Hitler, Jim Jones, Caligula... many more...
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    I like the way Ford sniffed the bait and then swam away.
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    Wake up, the GM would be long gone without the government subsidy. Do you call that free market? The GM management is doing a poor job running the company and someone had to go. Do I agree with the government running a private company? No! Do I agree with companies surviving on government subsidy? Heck, no!
  9. Ford has been much more realistic about their chances of succeeding than GM. I worked several years in Dearborn the early 1990’s. That is when Ford acquired companies I was weary about at the time (that is Land Rover, Jaguar …). Then a colleague explained it to me at lunch one day the secret.

    Ford discovered in a previous recession if you keep large amounts of cash shareholders will force you to built models that you really do not want to produce. Instead of keeping cash buy companies or stakes in companies that can be transferred back to cash in desperate times.

    Those companies that I saw Ford invest in the 1990s are now the cash hoard that is keeping their boat afloat. GM failed to do this and invested in the Chevy volt (which is a good concept), but may never see the light of day. Ford started its “get lean” program in 2000 that has also proved to be a saving grace.
  10. Very dangerous precedent indeed. Americans should be outraged. Each and every day we get more and more news of the government sticking their nose in businesses internal affairs. Whether some of this intervention was necessary or not is irrelevant, the fact remains that the government is becoming more and more involved on an exponential scale.
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