GM volatility skew!

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  1. December call IV's are in the 180's, put IV's are around 350.
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    They look pretty much inline to me.

    Which line are you talking about?
  3. The near the money ones.

    With GM at $4.92, the $5 calls are .85x.88, $5 puts are $1.70x$1.76
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    Yeah, and the implied is 250% on both. Well at least that's what TOS is showing.
  5. Hmm. Is TOS just slow or something? How can they show 250% on each. The calls are around 185% and puts at 350%, according to Optionsxpress.

    It's not just DEC ones either - every month the 5 strike put IV's are well above the call prices. I guess a ton of fear is priced in.

  6. By the way, wouldn't it be easy to do a reversal on GM using those prices and make money?

    Short 1000 shares = +4810
    Sell (10) 5 strike puts = +$1800
    Buy (10) 5 strike calls = -$840

    Get $5770, but can only be worth $5000 against you at expiration.

    Am I missing something here as I often see comments that Reverals cannot be done anymore for profit for small traders. The cost of carrying isn't too much for that profit for one month, and I don't think GM has a huge dividend (and would be surprised if they paid any out right now).

    I can only assume I am missing something as this seems too easy.

    Here is a site that explains Reverals:

  7. Try getting a short stock sale off
  8. I hadn't known that GM and Ford along with some others were added to the short sale ban. From what I can tell, it seems like the stocks went down more after the ban.

    I suppose there is no other way to simulate shorting the stock other then using options, which then negates the purpose in this case.

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    Maybe it's Optionsxpress that is slow. :D

    Anyhow, you can't short the stock so there is no arb.
  10. Could you use CBOE GM single stock futures instead of NYSE?
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