GM to buy Chrysler rumor?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by a529612, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. wickcity


    A better question is why.
  2. dinoman


    They are both worthless anyways.
  3. Let the mill sort it out.

  4. jtmarlin


    Sad to say I was a fool and bought Jeep Grand Cherokee for my wife - Paid 34K few years back and have 10K in repair bills + 5K in additional warranty. Wife drove to school and back. Performed ever service listed and then some. What a piece of $HIT!. They call em trail rated. PLEASE! Work on the street rating. DAMN thing has left us stranded 4 times. 49K invested in a vehicle and it can't even make it home. Just in colorado a few weeks back, broke down again 1000+ miles from home. 500 bucks for the cheapest radiator I could find...What a joke!


    Uhhh ... GM is up 100% from 52 week low. Not too worthless IMO.
  6. never happen, entirely different fundamental philosophies. gm actually builds value into their vehicles, while chryslers creedo is planned obselence. not as much value for the shopping dollar.

    but then again, i always maintained chv wouldn't buy texaco for the same reasons, so, i suppose they may be dumb enough to do it.