GM the next Enron?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by a529612, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. A lot of investment firms have claimed to be changing their ratings from sell to hold or buy.

    So yeah, it probably is going to bust. :mad:
  2. Do they time their options too?
  3. suv sales down 35% ouch. this is the only thing gm has that makes any money....

    i think they are toast - just a matter of time. burning a bill in cash a month with no real plan to turn it around
  4. GM? hmmmm.

    weirdest stuff going on with that company. i used to help GM employees with their health benefits, it wasn't a pretty picture. retirees losing their benefits, salaried employees benefits cost increase while coverage decreased. piece of crap health insurance plans. glad i never worked for em. that company is just one big joke to me. stock movement up has surprised me, but i guess that's brokers pumping up the stock before major holders dump it. i personally dont trade the stupid stock. i like the volatility, but one-two dollar movements ain't that great. there's other better stocks out there to trade or invest in.

    IMO, GM sucks, but i could be wrong. all the negative news just doesn't add up to stock moving up. and i don't look at fundamentals as i don't trust any company's mgmt. sorry to sound so negative about the co, but GM is speaking for itself with its actions and current situation.