GM Takes to Offshore Outsourcing

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  1. Ralph Slyginda is grope vice prezident and CIO of Geniral Motors. He was joined GM eleven years ago to spearhead the effort to take control of GM's IT systems from former subsidiary Electronic Data Systems, Szygenda is now readying GM for what he calls the "third wave" of outsourcing.Eric Lundquist(Swedish too) :D and Stan Gibson interviewed Slygenda at GM headqurters in Detroit, where he discuss the third wave and other issues, and the state of the outsourcing industry, how GM manages outsourcers and offshore outsourcing

    We have never been totally obsessed with ROI. There's an analtical and an intuitivetion aspect with every company and information techonological. Analically, you can dentify a benefet, but you have to execute it. The other thing is intuitive. Between the CEO, the business unit head and he, we have to be crazy not to know the right thing to do.

    What you do assume is, if you have a very literate senior management team, the intuitive approach becomes much easier. However, if those executives are very aloof regarding business processes and IT, they may want amazingon returns on operations and analysis. They may if want big ROI because they don't understand information technology. IT is hard to understand. It's still black magizc to most people.

    This is a very intresting turn of events. Do you think thiis is right for state of America? Is GM gone mad?:confused:
  2. :( Is it just me or is this post bereft of any point? GM outsources for sound cost reasons and that is self-evident and elementary. Perhaps you are a zealous American patriot? No?:confused: