GM steering wheels falling off

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  1. And you thought toyota had problems.. :p

    Chevy Recalls Cruze After A Steering Wheel Falls Off

    Imagine turning your car’s steering wheel, or giving it a gentle tug, and having it break away from the steering column. Now you’re speeding along holding the suddenly useless wheel.

    It sounds like a vision from a cartoon, or every driver’s nightmare. And it happened to at least one driver of a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze compact car last month, and General Motors Corp. is recalling 2,100 of the cars as a result.
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    wow that is really dangerous.
  3. You're kidding me!!

    Did they not run tests on the car? I can just imagine Wile E. Coyote buying one of these things and speeding along trying to catch the roadrunner. Then suddenly there is a sharp turn at some cliff and the steering wheel falls off!! Boom! The coyote fails again!

    This is terrible for GM's reputation.

    My next car is definitely going to be German.
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    Terrible time for this to come out, but I think their reputation is still salvageable as long as this doesn't make major headlines.