GM now says it may not have the cash to finish '08 - do not buy a GM car!

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  1. But they will waste your money. For sure.
    And you won't be able to do anything against it.
  2. yep, it's sickening.
  3. The logical option is chapter 11 and sell off of remaining assets.
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    2nd that!
  5. Unfortunately, GM is truly too big to fail, unlike the bullshit banks that are being gifted the bailout money. GM goes down unemployment goes from 6 to 16 percent in a blink. It ain't just GM, it's all the companies big and small that feed off them.
    Yes they make shitty cars. Yes, the union has buried them. Yes to all the criticism. All completely irrelevant at this point in time. Put the bailout money where it will help the working class, not the f'n bankers. To do otherwise will bring down our economic house of cards, and right quick.
  6. how did you come up with 16% unemployment?

    i refuse to pay any more to save another shitty company. let GM declare bankruptcy. it is time to start cutting off rotten limbs to save the body!
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    Uhm, sorry, but GM is a huge welfare program for Michigan and its about to get an injection of billions of dollars.

    Might as well get that CTS-V and enjoy the subsidy. I mean 7:59 to round the Nurburgring is just sick.
  8. gm and all companies associated with it like del[hi and gmac are too big too fail. Literally way too many jobs at stake, American jobs.
  9. Who gives 2 shits about gm? People will simply buy other cars and the workers from gm will find jobs at other car co's that get increased business.People just don't like american cars and thats the bottom line
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