GM misled public about the new Volt. More taxpayer money wasted.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wilburbear, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. They didn't mislead at all. Read other articles about what the situation is instead of some sensationalistic headline.
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    "GM. We're into healthcare and employee benefits. Oh, forgot to mention, we make cars too."
  3. They can't even make (conventional gasoline powered) cars that don't break down.
    How can they expect to make a tech breaktrough?
    "There has been considerable blogospheric controversy over this as this appears to contradict GM’s previous statements that the engine never drives the wheels. Nitz said GM had to be coy about this element due to intellectual property reasons, and now that the patent has been awarded can finally be more transparent. He still says there is no solitary direct mechanical drive because to do so would require a clutch to the sun gear decoupling the 111 kw electric motor, something that doesn’t exist and doesn’t happen."


    Better check JD Power quality ratings. You know, you're really clueless. You shoot from the hip with no facts (ever) to back up your mindless drivel, whether it be this thread or you uninformed garbage on day trading.

    I just traded in a GM (Pontiac) car I had 8 years; not a single problem. Replaced tires, new battery and front brakes plus oil changes. Total expense over 8 years was $700.

    Who's having yet another recall? Toyota.
  6. I read another article, and apparently the change by GM resulted in something like an 11% improvement in range. So, what is the problem?
  7. All GM did was find a way around the Toyota Prius drive system patent... great innovation... not.