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    Nice puts 17,5 april for only 27 cents.

    With Delphis bankruptcy and GMs billions of loans supplied, GM is going to flip to 10 within a couple of days.


    If I had a hedgefund, I would buy the full offer with puts 5k take over some of there debt and let them file for bankruptcy immediately... Naughty bear.
  3. If only...........
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    Don't you just love their current ratio: 0.817! I know i do.

    The only thing that scares me is the thought that GM might be "too big to fail" and Hank and the boys will step in and wreck everything. :D


    Well who might be interested in a GM bailout?

    When compared to Bear Stearns the assets are less swappable and there are fewer competitors who can handle a buyout of GM. Even if they do a break up of the enterprise there is no money left at the table because of the loans. While Bear Stearns most definately had some value....

    Discount buyout is the word. Couple dollars a share...
  6. GM wont be losing 50% of their market cap in a "couple days"

  7. Well who might be interested in a GM bailout?

    Shanghai GM buys American plants closes them and ships cars from China to Wall Mart.
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    I've looked into my crystal ball and what i see is US taxpayer guaranteed loans.

  9. I look into my crystal ball and I see a frustrated young father working on his car in the parking lot of his apt. building while his wife, holding their daughter, looks out the window and sadly reflects on better times.
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    Yes, that too. We have lost our way as a nation. That father, wife, and daughter deserved better.
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