GM lost another $25B, bailout money is gone?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by crgarcia, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. They just lost what they received as a bailout?
  2. HAHA.

    give them MORE THEN:D
  3. Politicians are paving the street with the tax payers money...
    Its extortion. For 25 billion dollar I could create a FRIGGIN Car.

    Its like trading options out there. Warren Buffet sais more pain to gain go get some grease...

    HOLY COW...

    A message to Politicians go back to DC stay away from Wall Street its not what it seems to be....

    Nothing makes sense. They should have simply put 25 billion into a car financing IPO to allow 99 dollars a month car payments. Drive in with a hupty and drive out with Hummer...

    Now thats what I call capitilism.
  4. achilles28


    How was the original 30 Billion supposed to make GM profitable?

    How will another 30 Billion make GM profitable?

    This is just Public Welfare metered by a private Corporation, instead of Federal Government.

    GM is dead weight.

    All this talk of restructuring, new contracts, union deals. Its all bullshit niceties and Corporate Legalese to dupe the idiots into thinking GM is actually "turning things around".

    Well, they're not. And there's no hope in hell they will.

    So what should we do? Continue to print hundreds of billions so GM can build cars that get moth-balled on some racetrack???