GM - Let's round up all the good people. . .

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    . . . and pay them to leave:

    Are you highly skilled and can get another job easy? GM'll pay you 20 grand plus give you a car if you leave. :)

    But if you are a parasite without skills (other than getting "good" union jobs), you're better off hanging on to that paycheck.
  2. agree. union workers are parasites
  3. So true. This will surely entice skilled workers (who can get another job) to leave and unskilled (who can't) to stay.
  4. No more sitting in job bank and wasting tax payers' money huh? :p
  5. Their labor creates transport.

    What does yours create?
  6. Bob111


    commissions :D
    not sure about taxable profits..
  7. So If people who make steel and bend steel, drill for oil and refine it, are parasites what does that make those who make money trading?
  8. at tax payer expense

    no work is better than unprofitable work.
  9. Is that 45k taxed? At 33% you walk with 14k in cash minus another 8k for the car tax. So you get a car and 6k. Not a great deal.
  10. It is if the alternative is getting a pink slip, which is exactly what the alternative is.
    With, or without government money, GM is going to be a dramatically different company this time next year and most of these people are going to get laid off. They can have a car to sleep in with this deal.:eek:
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