GM: Largest IPO or Largest Scam?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by schizo, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. schizo


    This company got bailed out last year by Uncle Sam only to go into bankruptcy. Now having emerged out of bankruptcy, it wants $33 per share (presumed to be the largest IPO offer to date). Does this make sense?

    Why isn't the same offer being extended to countless people who declared chapter 7 or the like?
  2. they get even better offer of going straight to heaven. GM never got a nice break like that but then again it does not have a soul...

    Jim "Shortie" Jones Out :cool:
  3. pspr


    Government supported SCAM. Like Social Security, Fannie, Freddie and others, it could go on for a while.
  4. scam
  5. it'll probably sell off at the open...... how timely is it? IPO coming out just when F is at 52wk high. GM is garbage..........i'd still say the same even if my father worked for GM.
  6. emg


    need to save the city of Detroit!
  7. jprad


    Abandon all hope...
  8. its a scam only in the sense that the value of the ipo
    is funded by me you and everybody else or maybe our kids
    or their kids.

    its kind of silly.
  9. cramer says its a gift. buy all the way to 40. we will see how that works out for all the boo ya morons that follow him.
  10. Roark


    Make it a pair trade. Go long F, short GM.
    #10     Nov 17, 2010