GM Is The New Starbucks, To Cut 2,300 Dealerships By 2010

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  1. What do we do with all these car salesmen?
  2. Send them to war.

    That's what they usually do.
  3. green shoots
  4. They can become stockbrokers.
  5. Mvic


    Its more than just the sales people, the service people and all the admin jobs that a dealership provides, all gone.
  6. Terribly inefficient.
  7. I agree. but I'll even add more to the list of who loses a job or gets impacted by less revenue:

    the detailers that kept the cars clean, the banks that financed the vehicles, the guy with the snow plow that cleared the lot, the guy that tarred and paved the lot, the municipality that received real estate tax revenue, the diner down the street that fed the employees, Social security and Medicare revenue that is gone, other payroll taxes gone, the gas station that filled those gas tanks, the utility companies that provided electricty, gas, telephone, and internet service, the parts vendors that provided the service garage, the dude that sold the dealer owner the gorilla and batman suits for his commercials, the local TV station that ran those commercials, the supermarket that sold them the cheap coffe, cofee stirrers, and foam cups for the waiting room, the magazine companies that provided reading for the customers (I mean really, who else buys magazines? Dentists?) the water bottle vendor, the local cleaning company that shampooed the rugs and buffed the showroom floors, the local computer company that provded desktops, servicing, printers, ink toner, etc... the local furniture dealer that provided desks, chairs, filing cabinets, etc...

    I guess you can say that other dealerships will take their place. Or that thse dealerships may go with foreign cars. But when? Demand for new cars is still dropping.

    Yup, green shoots.
  8. Not to mention . . . what are they going to do with all the CARS???
  9. billions of tax dollars wasted on a crap car company and they STILL put over 50,000 people out of work. That's what happens when you dont allow market forces to actually work.
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