GM/Ford = Nazi support?

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  1. the trilateral commission, the illuminati, and skull&bones are pushing for it too.

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  2. characterizing people concerned about these issues as conspiracy theorists doesn't make the issues non-existent or a fantasy and neither make the problem go away. the real powermongers behind the scenes talk in public about how good they wanna do in the world and then issue appalling statements from the phoney and fraudulent institutions of government the belong to that chill my bones. yeah they say publicly they are interested in your welfare and then write in their own biographies that they wanna enslave the population and you can't do nothing about it. go ahead and read them, then come back here and discuss...i wanna see what kinda apologies you are gonna find to defend these scumbags.
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  3. What nonsense. Revelations was written about the old Roman Empire. The point was as soon as the Empire is destroyed, the Kingdom will come. They weren't talking of events that would happen 2000 years later. These morons today try to twist the book by saying the author spoke of a "revived or 2nd Roman Empire". B.S.
    Implanting chips has nothing to do with any words in the bible.

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