GM & Fleabay to Partner...

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  1. MattF


    Yes! Sales are gonna soar now...

    (how do you apply for the clunker rebate anyway...)

    General Motors and eBay Inc. are expected to announce Monday that hundreds of the auto maker's California dealers will let consumers haggle over the prices of new cars and trucks through the on line marketplace, as part of a previously disclosed trial.

    The proposal was first announced in a small trial about a month ago.

    GM embraced the Internet, and tested a new partnership with the Silicon Valley on line auction giant. While dealers already list used cars for sale on eBay, GM dealers will now list new cars on eBay, where the customer can bid on them at auction or buy at a fixed price....
  2. achilles28


    Maybe GM should focus on building a transmission/engine/body/electricals that work properly after 80,000 Miles?

    Who wants to put down 50K for some American POS that won't see 8 years on the road before its in the scrapyard (or the mechanic for a 10K overhaul)?

    Talk to cab drivers. One guy I spoke with had TWO transmission replacements on a Ford Tarus with 90,000 Miles.

    Garbage Companies. I hope GM goes bankrupt.
  3. Party like 1999!! :D