GM finds federal agency considering bailout

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  2. Therefore, as a taxpayer and bond buyer, I have a few demands to submit, for consideration by the lawmakers who will be dispensing the forthcoming corporate welfare:
    • Workers who choose to stay with corporate welfare companies will be required to wear to work, each day, the uniforms of national park rangers—and that includes all employees, from the janitor to the CEO.

    • On each uniform will be sewn a patch above the left breast pocket, reading:
    "Jurassic Park, MI: Proudly protected from competition since 1980; hungrily consuming at the public trough since 2009."

    • All such employees, janitor to CEO, will be compensated according to the pay and benefit schedules of Government Service employees.

    • A hypocrisy clause: any federal lawmaker who voted for federally-funded GM life support will face immediate expulsion from office for any future use of the pejorative term "corporate welfare."