GM & F: Burn in Hell!

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  1. When will these two piece of shit companies delcare bankrupcy and be liquidated? I'm getting tired of waiting.

    The PBGC should fine GM billions every quarter in an attempt to help cover the pension liability from the imminet collapse.
  2. Sure that will be fine, also there go thosunds of jobs. also there goes exports to other countries. I dont know if you are aware of this but alot of ford and gm cars are being used in europe....believe it or not. The only thing that gm and ford has to do is change their model of making cars. Gm is going for truck.....waht a nonsence. Ford i have no idea they jsut out there destined to extinction lets hope that new ceo will kick some sence in that company. Daimer Chlystler is only auto co. which is doing ok in US. JUST keep those companies alive it will work out better for Detroit and US economy as well.
  3. When hell freezes over....a POS company can hang on longer if it is big enough and money is supporting it.



    The government will bail them out if needed. They'll never go chptr 7, never!
  5. +1 Remember the Chrysler in the 80's

  6. no question they will go bankrupt... but it could take years and years... they have 20 billion in the bank and another 11 bill or so coming from the gmac deal...

    cash of 25 bill. accounts payable of 75 bill... cough cough...

    half a trillion in debt.

    this stock has led the dow higher in past 6 months... a symptom of a sick america. fat, bloated and lazy...
  7. They will go bankrupt, but will not be liquidated. That doesn't seem to happen anymore in America. They will just screw the share/bond holders and sell new stock after a reorg. Look at the airlines. Buying airline or car co. stock long term is a fools play.
  8. Tums


    they will never go bankrupt.
    the government will step in to bail them out.

    USA is free enterprise?
    let's wait and see.
  9. WOW, this thread was made by an idiot. Keep waitting.
  10. Ford will go bankrupt. GM will prevail.
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