GM + Ebay is brilliant

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  1. That still does not change that GM makes crappy cars.
  2. maybe but they make great trucks.
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    Available only in CA. :(
  4. testing it in california expecting to roll it out nationwide.
  5. Not a redneck, wouldn't really know, but if I had to buy a truck, I would skip GM and look at the Japanese automakers. Maybe Ford.

    GM is a joke.
  6. so brilliant that people will start buying new used when they see they can save 3000 bucks by buying last years model...
    what would be brilliant is if we can get the stupid realtors to lose their 5 % commission.. outrageous when compared to what they actually do and what they are gettign paid.. when are the realtors fees finally going to be reduced.. think about how much money was paid out in broekrage and realtors commissions during the run up in housing... it is a freakin joke what a realtor gets for selling a house.. LOL. best racket in america
  7. where i live in the mountians trucks are a must in the wintertime. try getting around in 2 feet of snow in whatever crackerbox car you prefer.

    japanese trucks are no better. ford is ok but ride and gas mileage is not as good.
  8. I am closing on a house next week.

    It was a "for sale by owner" and I got my broker to cut their commission to 1 1/2 percent instead of the 2 1/2 they usually get.

    After dealing with realtors for the last year plus, I will never bother with them again.

    All the information is already available online. It's a dying industry.
  9. Guess I should note I am not a hillbilly either, but I see your point.

    I'm guessing you must fancy Hummers.
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