GM common yields almost 10%

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  1. Rick Wagoner of General Motors, speaking to a group of Christmas party revelers, predicted a dramatic turn around for the beleugured automaker in 2006. Some of his remarks were difficult to discern as he insisted on drinking from a large glass with a dark liquid while making them. In essence, he predicted:
    *A return to the 60% GM market share of his youth.
    *The stock price will easily crest 100 a share by July and give Google "a run for it's money." "We might even introduce a new model, the Chevy Google, to mark the occasion" he quipped.
    * Toyota "on its knees and begging for mercy!" by the end of 2006.

    Reportedly, talent scouts from the Comedy Channel were on hand and are engaged in talks with Wagoner.

    Most GM buyers are yield chasers so they can't even cut the div. What a bunch of retards, I wonder how much GM Wagoner has?
  2. The thing about being an "executive" of a S&P500 operation is that nowadays their yearly take-home pay is several $million which is likely more than both of us make, combined. So, more stupid are the shareholders, especially the institutional types who own the majority but hey, it's all a game with crooks on one side and thieves on the other.
  3. Yeah, and it's likely to yield 30% before all is said and done. Obviously they would shit-can the divie well before the yield reaches 30%, but you see my point. Akin to buying rubles before the default.
  4. Don't ya just love dumb money $$$
  5. As of Sept 30, GM has $278 Bil in long-term debt.
    As of Sept 30, Ford has $147 Bil in long-term debt.

    The combined debt, $425 Bil., is enough to finance two wars in Iraq. It's enough money to pay this year's federal budget deficit and put the nation into a budget surplus for one year.

    Now the big question: does "long term debt" include or exclude pension obligations?
  6. It's 9% at the moment.

    10% isnt anything special when the company is a BK candidate with a bleak future outlook. Not even close to compensating for the obvious risk. Look at SRT, yields 8.4% after a nice bounce from the lows and that companies financial & business situation is better than GM, although quite shaky with obvious risks. Yeah GM could bounce also and you may grab 10-15 points but quite realistic announcement and you will lose 20 points in one day.

    You can get 8-9% with some REITs that have solid financials and good outlooks & nice potential appreciation. Do some homework and you'll find some great deals.
  7. Hydro,
    If you read my post closely I would not recommend GM to my enemy for yield.

    HYP pays 10.20% monthly