GM Chap 11 day or when = 0

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kalzayani, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. GM is finished max on 20th
    earlist 19 th of Nov 2008
    I Like GM Cars

    might recover some from 2.3
    but goes back max to 3
    then done

    so long GM
  2. cross check with FX forecasts for correlations
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    Actually the big surprise will be how well the American auto companies get the products out and they will sell like popcorn at a scary movie. The foreign carmakers are at their peak and it is all down hill from here for BMW, MBenz, Audi and even some of the slant eyed car producers.

    The UAW has accepted the reality of the marketplace in America long ago and have made concessions that actually makes gringo auto companies more company friendly than europeon auto producers.

    most of the clowns that claim the American auto makers are dead in the water are all wet and do not have a clue about the new reality of the marketplace. bringing up outdated ideas from a long ago era just shows how ignorant many are.

    The american auto companies are going to sink the europeon auto makers just like we slapped Hitler down. :D