GM car an embarrassment

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    I pulled up in a GM car and she dumped me! 9 minutes ago Here in NJ driving a GM vehicle is an embarrassment. The successful people all drive the foreign cars like Honda, Toyota, Audi, etc..She said that only pot-smoking, uneducated, union folk drive cars like that and she doesn't want to look like a high school loser..Now I'll have to sell my 1999 Malibu for an Accord.. Man. its tough being single in NJ..Jimbo

  2. Maybe you should avoid high school girls.
  3. Arrive in a limo next time, like in this video. Guarantees a lasting impression on the ladies

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    She'd better have a smokin body or some other extreme characteristic she's willing to share, because she is a pretentious, self-centered, unintelligent, shallow human being.
  5. I believe I already said high school student.

  6. NJ girls - fat, flat and/or ugly. Not worth the time. Go to a real state like Florida or Cali for something worthwhile.
  7. What a dumb b1tch. Some American cars are still good; such as the Jeeps an Explorers. You need to find some better things to date. A corvette and hummer are GM's too.

    Real girl from Cali or Florida... Come on. They are (mostly) made of plastic and materialistic than others.
  8. The only major difference between that woman who left you and other women is that she was just more obvious.

    Most women are always looking to upgrade from their current man depending on their earning power.

    Also, even when a woman finds a man with high earning power, then she bitches about how he's never around.
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    Women just bitch no matter how rich or what you drive

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