GM board hired advisers to consider bankruptcy

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  1. who are GM's most notable creditors?
  2. I wouldnt think of the creditors, but all of the other ancillary companies that make a living off of GM.
  3. This is BS. Why would the stock be up in AH? There is no bankrpty. All speculation on nothing.
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    GM board hired advisers to consider bankruptcy 12/11 07:18 PM

    DETROIT (Reuters) - General Motors Corp (GM:$4.12,00$-0.48,00-10.43%) hired outside advisers to weigh bankruptcy, but the board determined that a filing was not an option for the struggling automaker, a GM spokesman said on Thursday.


    Cut / Paste from streaming news! They did not file!
  5. hey i have 20 year life insurance and a will set up and im healthy and 30 years old. its pretty irresponsible not to have a plan if your attempt for government money is unseucessful. no planning turs a chapter 11 into a chapter 7 very quickly
  6. What kind? 20 year term life insurance? What a waste of money.
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    What if his wife left him and he has a two year old son that he has to take care of. Unlikely, but you never know.
  8. Term life insurance wouldn't cover his wife leaving him, unless she dies and was insured
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