GM becomes bank to access TARP funds.

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Trendytrader, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Wouldn't surprise me everyone else is becoming a bank. Just need to buy some some shitty S&L bank for a few million and you then have access to billions. Hartford insurance did it why not the auto's, cities etc...
  2. TGregg


    I am pleased to announce the Great Bank of EliteTrader! Yes, our own trading site has now become a bank and is eligible for government handouts. To have your application for home refi or home equity loan ignored, please email Thank you, and God Bless Capitalism and government handouts.
  3. Link is from GM site!
  4. What Gm forgets is, if the big 3 failed, then the German, Korean, Japanese, Swedish and even the Chinese would ensure the same numbers of cars are sold.

    And for zero domestic production, Toyota & Honda already buikd a bunch of cars here. They would build a lot more. And doesn't the big 3 build a lot of cars in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, etc.???

    So "the hot dog vendors" would sell just as well...