GM Asks U.S. FAA to Bar Public Tracking of Leased Corporate Jet

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  2. they gotta get rid of this fucking loser wagoner. great to see how he is spending his time with shit like this instead of fixing the big steaming pile of a company he is supposed to be leading.
  3. Its going to be funny as all hell when these shit for brains ceo's get the bailout money and burn through all of it in record time. Then proceed to go into bankruptcy protection anyway.

    Mark it down. They will go bankrupt regardless of how much of our money the govt. takes from us and gives to these union douche bags as a political favor.

    Thats right, you're working to FULLY pay for some no skilled line workers fat pension and 100% paid health insurance.

    Who the fuck gets fully paid health insurance?
  4. Here's an interesting thought I had recently, what if GM was driving themselves into the ground intentionally? I mean they sell cars at a loss and their problems have only gotten worse. If you were 2-3 years away from bankruptcy why would you sell hundred of thousand of cars at a loss?
    Like that stupid Chevrolet Volt idea, this is not the time to design a whole new car due out by 2010, this is the time to check in your catalog and offer smaller cars today.

    And what about the SUV craze, that was just dumb, in 1 month the demand for these vehicles disappeared. I'm sure the 70s had similar lessons to teach them. Or about recessions, how did GM handle the last recession? It slashed lending costs. Did they have any plan for the next coming recession?

    Now that they go to bankruptcy protection , they can destroy the union contracts, then lay off 30% of its workforce, and have a clean balance sheet and smaller company to tackle on Toyota.
    The only question is how much investments they made in their plants.
  5. It is easy to pick on the car companies. The truth is usually more complex, and harder to face.

    The US auto industry has had its ups and downs. In the end it could have survived and thrived but for one simple fact: our health care system is broken, and its entrenched interests have been able to overwhelm any effort at reform.

    We sacrificed the auto industry to health care.

    As more baby boomers retire, however, health care costs will begin to really decimate pocket books, medicare ... and we may build enough resolve to inject some reasonableness into our insane system.

    I've lived in several foreign countries and I will state a simple truth: US health care, as delivered, is, hands down, a grossly inferior product. It is garbage for Americans except for the perfectly healthy, or the extremely rich. Socialist policies have a place in a capitalist system, in fact makes a capitalist system stronger, more just, a better meritocracy. Even the doctors will say as much.

    Beating up the auto companies misses the point. That said, there is no point saving them if we have no realistic prospect of reforming health care for the foreseeable future. Just gives you a sense for how f*cked up the US is, and how every f*ck up, in turn f*cks up another industry or sector. We've been in love with ourselves for too long. Time to clean up this mess.

    Its too late for the autos though. We will need to build new companies from scratch. Better to let entrepreneurs buy the scraps of GM, F, and Chrysler out of bankruptcy.
  6. Gee, that sounds an awful lot like CAPITALISM! Maybe the USSA should give that another shot sometime.
  7. I fucking hate the USSA: The United Socialist States of America.

    Give me capitalism or give me death.
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    this is truly amazing... let's give them more taxpayers' money so they can shit into our face for longer - and pay themselves in a nicely priced GM stocks. this is rape^2.
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    I wonder about citi's corp. jets. They already have our money. Why arent we screaming about them?
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