GM = Another AmTrak

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    40 years ago the federal government got into the passenger tain business. It is still in the passenger train business. Amtrak has no competition thanks to the government and Amtrak lost $1.6 billion just last year.

    GM will be coddled by the government just like Amtrak with laws created to give it a competitive advantage while keeping it unprofitable. It will churning out cars the government wants us to drive - not the cars we want to buy. We will own GM forever while it destroys the automobile industry in the U.S.
  2. No..... GM = Stabilitrak :D (look that one up...LOL!)
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    It will cost us 100x what AmTrak costs the tax payer.

    A- It's several times the size of Amtrak

    B- GM has A LOT of competition from domestic and import auto makers
  4. Thats a very interesting thought.

    over 60 years ago we sent our army into Europe and they are still there

    over 50 years ago we sent our army into Korea and we are still there

    over 40 years ago we sent our army into Vietnam and we are. uhmm we are not there (sounds like we actually won that one)

    Amtrak, what a waste of hardworking peoples money. prima face proof that congress has no ability to manage.

    Now GM, they are just getting started and already congress is using polictical pressure to make choices for GM.

    GM when its starts to trade again will be probably the surest short we will have a chance to trade. Especially the call options which I fully intend to be writting once 'things get settled out of BK"

    Best of luck to all
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    I for one, being a self-proclaimed capitalism supporter, will never purchase another GM or Chrysler vehicle until the government gets their hand out of these companies.
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    Geeez. I think we should ban all elected federal officials from ever running for office again. When their current term is done that's it.
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    I'm sure that one year from now they'll be producing fine American cars that will be able to compete with Toyota and BMW

    Ye, right
  10. GM will bankrupt US
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