GM and Barrons

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jaytrader8, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. I'm a real newbie to trading folks, and I heard that Elite Trader was the place to be to get really good insite on the markets. Now to the topic at hand.....Barrons said that GM's stock is poised to triple because of up coming products and so forth. Yet, a report yesterday (7/1/08) shows a really different picture. CNBC stated that even though all the automakers including GM reported huge sales declines except for Honda, GM is still a stock to look at because they reported better than expected sales results. Now take a look at what this guy says in a Blog. It looks like he's challenging Barrons:

    I use eSignal and Advanced GET. and he says Stay away from GM. Now Barrons isn't the final word but it's a lot bigger than this guy at Advanced GET, but looking at a chart, I'd stay away from GM. Soooo.....I don't know? What do you all think. Will GM eventually triple? When's a good time to get in?
  2. Just looking around on other financial sites this morning like Yahoo finance and they're saying not now for GM. I not ready to loose money before I can make it so I'll follow what this guy says. Trading isn't easy!!!!!