GM -6.39% so far.

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  1. So all the lemmings who went long this stock on the first day of trading are now down -6.39%

    I wonder how many buyers on the first trading day were retail investors who went long this stock.
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    I'm still waiting and watching the stock closely.
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    Maybe our domestic auto manufacturers should expand operations in China.

    The Asian Games Village Automobile Exchange is the biggest car dealership in Beijing. General manager Guo Yong says the business sells more than two thousand cars each week.

    Beijing is the capital of the world's most populous country. At rush hour, the city's roads become clogged. The city has 4 million cars, and 2,000 more are added every day.
  4. But wait! Didn't the pundits call GM IPO a great way to show the GOV can work! Didn't the GOV get paid back most of their bailout money...cough cough, I mean our money?

    GM was the next best thing to hot young pussy according to the Financial Pundits. ( Disclaimer....forgive me for leaving out the male counter part for all those who swing that way or females on this site.)

    The Financial News on Main stream media sources has about as much street credit as kid that went to Private School wearing his hat sideways and buying gold fronts.

    GM is a DOG, will continue to be, was one of the worst Private Equity Deals in the History of "Private Equity" and will go down in history as one of the worst IPO's.
  5. 1) It's more "pessimistic" to say it's down 6.39% instead of a point-and-a-fraction. :D
    2) Institutional investors "have" to buy it. :eek:
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    Actually it is still up from the 33 IPO , right?
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    I am waiting options. And i am going to buy long put.
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    Hi is 35.99 on 18th. Someone has bought under this price.
    It is 33.48 now. Someone has lost 7 %.
  9. LOL .... Looks like we have a real smart ass. People like you make me sick. :mad:
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    I can't figger why the average person (non inside trader) would even fool around with this loser. So, GM went bankrupt a short time ago, now everything's looking good?? Somebody 'splain this to me.
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