GM 11 years ago, The irony of ironies.

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  1. "So far, investors aren't alarmed. Delighted with GM's record profits last year and enamored of its current $4 billion stock buyback, Wall Street has recently been pushing GM shares to all-time highs of $74.25. However, says Lehman Brothers Inc. analyst Joseph Phillippi: "If you look at the trees instead of the forest, this stock should probably be about 60."

    Lehman is gone and GM will be gone as well. Talk about Ironic.
  2. Back in 2003 I was all hammered up in Cancun and i was telling anyone who would listen that GM was screwed and everyone should be short it at around $35, and maybe sell the odd put against the short

    No one want to listen though
  3. No one wanted financial advice from a drunk guy in Cancun? Go figure?
  4. I go to cancun for the best stock tips.

    so how much did you make on that short from 35?
  5. I have bigger fish to fry than shorting some SEC regulated stock. I just wanted people to get out of it more than anyhing
  6. GM will not be gone.

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    Unfortunately this is going to ruin one of my best strategies for outperforming the S&P - buy the other 499 stocks in the index, and avoid GM.
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