Globus Trading LLC Toronto anyone dealt with ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by flare9x, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. flare9x



    i see Globus trading are looking for traders, has anyone had any experience with them ?? they are opening up a new shop in toronto... i cant find much info on them are they legit ??

    Any help or info would be appreciated! thanks
  2. pallav


    i talked with 1 mr alex,too rude.avaod this company
    align with swift/title.can u put up deposit?then i can also help from
    globus brokerage rates r very high,they need volume committmnt
  3. How do you know they opening in toronto?

    And for second poster, which firm you represent?
  4. Yummy - Their "ad" is posted everywhere in the jobs realm - mostly workopolis, craigslist, and especially Kijiji (I'd buy a lawnmower off kijiji, but I don't want a job from Kijiji)
  5. psytrade, good info.
    Havent checked them out, just random poster.
  6. flare9x


    ok thx guys, looks like they are best to be avoided!
  7. daku


    working with then from quite some time....
    didn't face any problem yet in anything including payout.
    ticket charge can be negotiated if u trade too many tickets.
    it is not good to expect the best deal when u r not playing much tickets,, after all they r also in the business to make money.
    can go to their site and contact alex milrud if interested in remote trading.