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    When do those guys get their act together. all year long they have had problems. Meanwhile the market keeps on falling and the profit/commission ratio gets worse and worse. Is this what Greenspan meant a couple of years ago when he was talking about continued technology-driven productivity growth? It's exactly the opposite.
  2. Hey, CME did their IPO - the big boys could give a damn now.

    The Globex operation is headed by people who don't know what they're doing and have a pre-CME track record of failure (they got put in place by the prior CME CIO who was such a weak link himself that he only hired people weaker than him so he wasn't challenged).

    May have to wait for operations at the CME to drop further, the big shots to finally walk away with their profits, and a new crop of people to come on board to rationalize Globex and other pieces of the operation.
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    Looks we're heading for a mess then.
  4. Good point. But than where will the big boys trade? In the pit?
  5. Do you think the IPO is a step in the right direction? I mean if it's public then maybe there will be some external pressure on management.
  6. It was 2 point only from 8438 which was the daily scale target of yesterday:

    Are zombies aware of my target on globex night :). Do you have an explanation ...
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    First. do you have an explanation for how you are trading the DOW futures on GLOBEX in the first place?
  8. This the picture.

    I made a mistake : the low of 8440 was made during the afternoon, I wanted rather ask why "zombies" made the Dow shoot from this low as target was met at night :)

    As for your question: sorry I don't understand what you expect. Do you want to ask me if I have access to globex night ? Well I am sleeping generally at that time :).
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    DOW futures don't trade on GLOBEX.
  10. They are on the A/C/E aren't they?
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