globex volumes today

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by FredBloggs, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. FredBloggs

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    howdie doodie,

    is trading really slow today or is it my data feed?

    i did have some issues on the gdp number when my quotes just froze using futuresource. my brokers platform is fine - but that doesnt give a abr chart so its difficult to compare.

    im looking at mini russell & eurofx

    cheers big ears
  2. FredBloggs

    FredBloggs Guest

    bump - volumes seem to be picking up in the russell now - but still a crappy day with loads of spikes imo.
  3. just21


    What datafeed are you changing to? You are not a good advert for futuresource!
  4. FredBloggs

    FredBloggs Guest

    proreal time probably.

    ive been saying i will change for months - but this week has been the final nail in the coffin.

    when i complained esignal had the audacity to suggest i upgrade to esignal (fs is owned by them) after admitting it runs off the same feed - DOH!!!!

    anyway - didnt want to turn this into a dis-e-signal thread, just wondered if it was the feed or just a rough day......