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    Call me 'special' but I am having some trouble interpreting the holiday hours for index minis on Globex tomorrow. It sounds like globex will take its normal 4:15pm EST-4:30pm EST break today, trade all night, and then close at ?10:30am? tomorrow. I assume this is Chicago time, so does this mean then that Globex is trading until 11:30am EST tomorrow? Then it says trading will resume at 5:30pm (6:30 EST?). Can anybody confirm or correct this interpretation. These seem like strange hours.
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    what is schedule for nasdaq?

    Thank you!
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    Dont mean to sound like an ass - but I'm really wondering - are you guys actually trading these markets with real money and don't even know when they are open/closed ? :eek:
  4. well, i called globex and those are indeed the hours tomorrow. pretty odd if you ask me. not sure about nasdaq bob'o

    q-you should try harder if you don't mean to sound like an ass, crawl back under that rock dude
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    Those Globex hours are not unusual at all - in fact, just about every holiday I can remember over the past couple of years the hours were similar.
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    if you have nothing to say-why you wasting your time on post like this one? all you have to do-

    i just cant find link(even i place it on ET last holiday)-what wrong with this? now people start wondering if i trade real money or i'm not...damm..
  7. only been trading globex for 6 months ... never seen this 11:30 close 6:30 open before. they just seem like strange hours to me, but i see what you mean, these are standard holiday hours
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    I often ponder that myself.
    I am gonna trade tommorow's session and post my system.

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    It says Friday close for S&P (equity indexes) at 12:15 Chicago time. 1:15 EST.

    CME site is always CST.
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