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  1. does anyone use an actual globex terminal ?? is it worth the cost in your opinion ??

    any thoughts ?


  2. Pabst


    Why? Is your style becoming speed intensive? Do you plan on applying for CME membership to get your rates down?
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    It depends on what connection you want.
  4. for an answer to this question

    do globex terminal users who are permissioned to trade

    the BIG contracts overnight ( not the mini's )

    get to see depth of market like the users of the minis do ?

    also can they use hidden orders that refresh size (?)
  5. JayS


    My broker has the big S&P contract for globex on the j-trader platform for overnight trading, and yes I can see depth of market.
  6. There is no real difference between using a globex terminal and another software application that connects dirrectly to globex. I currently use Trading Technologies and my firm has redundant fiber lines that go directy to globex. There is no speed difference between TT with a direct line to Globex and a Globex terminal with a direct line.

    I have traded on Win GL ( Globex platform) and I must say TT blows it away in trade entry speed, and trading functionality. It's over all design is much better in my opinion.

  7. for the fund, i want to be certain that i have the best tools available, for when ( if) we decide to trade index futures. yes, a CME and or CBOT IDEM membership is likely.



  8. thanks. can you compare TT ( xtrader ) with, say, for example ffastrade's remote pro with a citrix connection ??


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    From what I understand, if you are on the MERC LAN, then there is no advantage to the Globex terminal. The speeds are not attributable to the actual machine, but the fact that there is no "Internet" to go thru.

    On the other hand, I have heard that certain platforms are faster than a Globex terminal, assuming both on the MERC LAN.

    As far as having a fibre P-T-P connection to the MERC, this is the next best thing.

  10. I'm sorry I can not compare Fast Fill with TT. If you want I can get you a simulator login I.D. so you can look at TT. Pm me if you want.
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