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    Kandlekid I am having the same problem too. Looks like the CME finally cancelled that address.

    Their new website sucks big time. Very poor design and ease of use! I complained to them several months ago, you should as well. They need negative feedback on the web design and ease of use.

    If your looking for globex quotes try

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    The CME Group mailed this statement:

    February 25, 2009

    To Our Valued CME Group Customers,

    As you know, we reinstated the legacy sites, and, temporarily last month. We have now determined a new schedule for the decommissioning of these sites. We will decommission on March 7, 2009 and plan to decommission at the end of March (more details to come.)

    We continue to strive to improve and paid close attention to the feedback we received about how the site could better meet your needs. In response to this feedback we will be implementing the following changes to prior to decommissioning:

    * A new section of delayed quotes for all products displayed by asset class
    * Time and Sales displayed for the full day, expanded from hourly
    * Improved chart functionality
    * Faster page load time
    * Improved functionality for left navigation

    We continue to seek your feedback on Please send us comments and suggestions via the Feedback link at the top right corner of each web page on

    We appreciate your continued support and look forward to providing you with a single Web site where you can easily access all of our products and services.

    Thank you,
    CME Group
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    Yea, I read that. BS. What feedback ? Removing a page that's served well for 10-12 years, w/no link ? Anyone scraping the CME for delayed quotes now has to navigate this new and improved site. Now you need one website hit per asset class. While everyone else is trying to speed up, the CME is trying to us slow down. Thanks CME. Welcome to the new and improved CME/CBOT.

    Put up the legacy flash page as an menu option.
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  6. closer? I think thats it
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    Yea, I think I can live with this. Maybe a timestamp on the page along with the date.