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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by kogepan, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Newbie question:

    When you see on globex the following (bid price/bid size ask price/ask size) in rapid succession:

    2850 10 2851 300
    2851 20 2852 10
    2850 10 2851 30

    without ANY fills, would you have to assume that it is a single market maker adjusting? Or else how can multiple players be able to cancel and replace just before they would be filled?
  2. kogepan


    No one can help me with this? Or is it just a completely stupid question?
  3. it could well be multiple market makers adjusting simultaneously

  4. Yes the updated quotes are from the electronic market makers.

    In the currency markets the market makers update their quotes when the EBS(Electronic Bank System which is the spot market for big banks) quotes are updated.

    2850 what market is this quote from?
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    Are there still official market makers for Globex FX contracts?

    I thought they just did this in the contract kick off campaign - untill other liquidity was attracted.