Globex or IB Stops screwed up?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Minime, Jan 14, 2003.

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    I had a stop-limit order residing on Globex's server through IB, and had it passed by without execution 5 minutes ago? I had to enter a manual limit order to bail my long ES positions. Anybody else experience this? First time this has ever happened to me with native stops on Globex. It was green, and correctly priced. :confused: At least I kept most of my small profit.
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    Yesterday, in the opening half-hour, I had two Stop-Limits (native on Globex) fail to execute. The first filled .75 below my stop, and took about 10 seconds. The second never did execute, and after a couple minutes I ended up manually exiting with a limit order (to my advantage).

    Am I the only one that uses these stops, or the only one with problems? I use IB, but these stops are native on Globex and show green when accepted. Pretty weird. :confused:
  3. I am using these Globex STP LMT orders all the time and did not have problems like that. I would request that IB customer service or TAC look into the order trail and give you a reasonable explanation. If they are going to tell you that it was CME´s fault then ask them for a reasonable explanation.
  4. Why use stop limit orders vs normal stop orders? Are you trading something illiquid? I have zero slippage trading ES with normal stops.

  5. IB´s simulated Globex STP orders are held on their servers.
    When their servers get disconnected from Globex data feed
    how should these servers know when to trigger your STP order ?

    For JTrader it must be even worse, because simulated
    STP orders are held on your own PC. They will be gone
    when you lose your own ISP connection. Good luck !
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    Superior fills in my experience and residing on the Globex servers. I use a wide limit (2-4 points) which simulates a market order somewhat. I'm not sure, but it may put you in the cue like a limit order, but at the very least you have less milliseconds than a stop executed off site, increasing your chances of a better fill in a fast market. I like to play breakouts with them as well as safety stops.
  7. Very interesting to know.

    I never have slippage probably cause I don't trade breakouts (only the inevitable bounce afterwards).

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    I had a limit order to exit a position yesterday. The market traded through my price and I got a fill report for only part of my order. I thought I still had a open position and manually entered a market order for the remaining contracts. I then called my broker to complain. He checked with Globex and found out that everything was filled but not all fills were reported back. He had to make a manual adjustment to my account and I had to close out the new position I entered (luckily with a gain). I hope this doesn't become routine.:mad:
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    Is that w/ IB?