Globex Open Monday YEEEEE HAWWWW

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  1. Put your rally caps on globex will be open and ES,NQ will soar higher on 1000 contracts, this is perfect for easy manipulation to the upside.
  2. Wow their are some bearish weekly charts in all the US indexes, but their is nothing to worry about because the index futures will float up and we will gap open Tuesday, so never fear the futures are here.
  3. To all seriousness, what do you see happening from Sunday night until Globex close 10:30AM monday?...what will the ES do?...serious question

  4. the exact SAME thing it does every holiday weekend when Globex is open and the market is not...

    please check your charts for every single holiday weekend for the past 5 years and tell me what you see when the market was closed and Globex was open....

    only 1 direction..........

    guess which way that was
  5. Can't remember the last time ES went lower on a holiday session. It's THAT rare. A few times though, it would trickle back down the following night.
  6. i agree with this post.
  7. cool...we'll I'll go long then...thanks!
  8. not saying this could happen ... but if the e minis get slammed
    over the holiday weekend

    that could be a sign that the recent multi week run has ended
  9. The dow 30 stocks are all showing bearish candles except for Alcoa and Boeing. Thursday selloff on good economic news raised my eyebrow, but I knew the futures would climb overnight and they did.

    Will just have to wait and see if any takeover deals or some upgrades can take it any higher, I mean its to the point now were just about everyone admits the market is overbought.

    If it were not for the futures this market would be know were near its current levels. The drift up 40 points overnight on 2000 YM contracts is easy as pie. Then the specialists in change of these stock in the dow 30 get a free mark up with out using little to any of their capital.

    Just think if these stock had to open everyday were they left off that would require a lot of heavy lifting, and great capital expense.

    I think just about everyone would welcome a pull back, or is that what we just had last week, a .40% weekly drop?
  10. GO GO FUTURES$$$$$
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