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  1. Traders can't short things the day before elections and now Globex is halted?

    Please tell me you can see through this. Technical issues -- the only technical issue is the huge conspiracy undermining our market right now.
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  2. Options are rigged; futures are not ...
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  3. Too much late night television ...
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  4. Only David Letterman ...
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  5. I am quickly learning this.
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  6. Lesson #1 A+;

    now learn how to make money in a rigged game.

    That will be Lesson #2 ...
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  7. Globex is back up...I guess there was no conspiracy after all. :p
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  8. The biggest problem Globex has is the people in charge of electronic markets and technology at the CME. Way over their heads and it's starting to cause major impact to everyone - recurring downtime, a lot of brokers/members having daily connectivity problems, bitching around the industry but the media hasn't picked up on it yet in a big way.

    The CME is trying to keep a lid on things until they can IPO and make all the insiders a big pile of cash before their technology group (especially electronic markets) melts down.

    Try firing off a letter complaining about their electronic markets group to the head of the CME, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Business Week, etc. - with the IPO pending, if there's enough public noise they might make the radical changes needed to get someone who knows what they're doing in there.
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  9. That will require a bit more time.
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  10. Why do I have an image of a Packard Bell computer running Windows 95 and a 17 year old intern running the show in my head?
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